Edible Estates Model


The Edible Estates initiative provides a framework for the regeneration of greenspace around social housing estates through the set up of community food growing projects.  

Edible Estates is an initiative of Re:Solution an Edinburgh based urban design agency, it is developed in partnership with local community anchor organisations.  In Wester Hailes this is The Health Agency; there is also a sister project in the Craigmillar area of Edinburgh led by the Community Alliance Trust.

The greenspaces in social housing estates provide a huge opportunity to encourage and support local residents to become involved in their local community, learn new skills, and improve their health & well-being.

Neighbourhood Gardens

Edible Estates is an approach which seeks to use the greenspace in council estates as a resource that increases the health, happiness and wellbeing of those which live there.

There are a wealth of ideas which we hope to use to make Wester Hailes a more beautiful, pleasant and 'edible' place to live.  Here is a video of the 'Poppy Estate' in London, which has been a big inspiration for our project. 

Natural Play

We are going to explore options to improve opportunities for play around the estates particularly play in the landscape, and which supports children's physical health and imagination.

We are really inspired but the ideas behind a new model for children's play called 'Natural Play', which has an emphasis on using the landscape and loose materials to create play spaces, rather than relying on formal playgrounds.  

The video was produced by Grounds for Learning, which promotes Natural Play in Primary Schools.  If you are interested in improving play options in the estates, get in touch.  

Training & Employment

We plan to provide training opportunities in horticulture, that we hope will result in jobs for local people.  We are going to look into the viability of growing food for sale and opening a market stall.  

In the longer term, we hope to establish a community enterprise which will take on the management of an estates greenspace on behalf of the Council.